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Keep your staff and customers safe with Tandem’s new scan and protect camera.

Since our establishment in 1974, Tandem has been pivoting through every major change in media, expanding our services to suit our customers needs. Now, we've sourced the best camera that offers the latest technology in safety and security. The scan and protect solution is your first line of defence in who enters your building, giving you the control.

Advanced facial recognition technology means you can use the system for different jobs, including staff clock in and clock out, blacklisting uninvited guests, checking body temperature to prevent people who might be sick from spreading infection, and so much more. The system can also integrate with existing automatic doors that don’t open unless you say so. There's no hidden costs, so you can start scanning instantly once you’re set up.

We’re here to help every step of the way, with our ongoing support and expertise from the beginning of the process to the end. The SP camera should be installed by an approved provider, but if your stuck with finding one, we can help you with recommendations.


BUY NOW $4,000 + GST.

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