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#Goodchat - Episode 3, Communication in Communities

The third episode of #Goodchat by 2 degrees and Tandem Studios has been released this week.  The third episode in the series looks at how Kiwis communicate. Because although communication is second...
Posted 15/11/18
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#Goodchat - Communication in the workplace

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Watch Vanessa Baxter give an overview of this episode here.The second episode of #Goodchat, a podcast series by 2 Degrees and Tandem has been released this week. "Communication is second...


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The latest campaign by 2 Degrees has lead to the release of their new three-part podcast series #Goodchat. As one of New Zealand's leading producers of podcasts, Tandem was brought on...

Air Future - Full podcast

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Here's the podcast featuring the full interview with Air Future CEO John Mennega.

Podcasting - questions to ask when you start out

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Photo cred: you starting thinking about making a podcast, there's lots to consider. Use the below list of questions to get those juices...