Canterbury Business - The Lowdown - Best Bits


Canterbury Business: The Lowdown, the latest podcast series produced by Tandem Studios, has just released its final episode. The best bits episode is exactly that, a collection of the best bits from each episode to give an overview of the whole series. 

The series represents people in Christchurch working in the business, hospitality and tourism sectors living through the nationwide lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tandem's owner Dave Dunlay chats to key figures in the Christchurch community to see how they're coping during isolation.

The production of this series runs true to the current isolation situation, with the team joining in from their homes around Canterbury. Brett Robertson is the sound technician recording from his home in St Martins, producer Tania Green is running things from her home in Hornby and host Dave is the frontman in his Lyttelton shed (ahem...we mean 'studio'). The wonderful people who joined us each episode were based in the comfort and safety of their own homes for a much needed chat. 

Created with the help of our partners The Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce and Christchurch NZ.

To listen to the full series, head to the playlist on our website.