AMI/NZ Police - Small retailers crime prevention


Small retail crime is worryingly common in New Zealand. For years, the news stories on small but violent robberies have been stacking up, one Christchurch dairy being attacked seven times in as many months by early 2017.

But now the NZ Police are taking education on this topic into their own hands, by partnering up with AMI and Tandem to create the educational video "7 easy steps to prevent retail crime". 

Tandem has worked with AMI for several years, from recording phone holding messages to the popular small business insurance campaign that took off in late 2017 "Ava and her Owls". When we were approached by the Christchurch team again in early 2018, we couldn't wait to get started on such an important cause. 

The content

The most important thing for us, AMI and the NZ Police, was producing a video that dairy owners would watch from beginning to end. We needed to keep them engaged right until the final second, so they could learn and take on board each point that could be helpful for them in future. It was all about balancing the serious and entertaining. 

We went with the classic cop-show theme to bring out some cheesyness, but also give us the option to rein it in where needed and not take away from the important subject matter. We worked with AMI and the NZ Police to bring the video together from start to finish, providing all creative scripting and planning before a full day shoot at the Xu's Auckland dairy in early May. 

The campaign has taken off after only a few days. Published primarily on AMI's hub which gives the public access to valuable resources when thinking about insurance, it's also been covered on the NZ Herald and Newshub.

Seven easy steps to prevent retail crime

1. Control Access to your business 
2. See and be seen 
3. Clearly define the shop layout 
4. Show your business is taken care of
5. Use active security measures 
6. Manage and maintain your business well 
7. Train staff to be vigilant

Watch the full video below