Five tips for great podcasts


Podcasts are a great way to learn about topics in long-form interviews, and are easy to download to your phone and listen when you’re ready – while driving, walking or doing your housework.

We’ve created two podcast series at Tandem this year – one for digital media, COMMA, and one for entertainment, Backstage, and we've put together some great tips from what we've learnt through doing. It's all about the 3-Ps – planning, production and publishing. If you keep these three things in mind, you'll never fail.

[COMMA podcast team: L-R Esther Rogers, Dave Dunlay, Brett Robertson, Mark Godenho, Kineta Knight Booker]

FIVE tips for great podcasts

TIP 1: Decide on a podcast subject that will attract an audience. If you're the only one listening, perhaps you should revisit your subject. 

TIP 2: Plan ahead with the aid of a content calendar – and prepare to be let down at the last minute when a guest gets lost on the way to the studio or rings through sick a minute before they're due in front of the microphone. (If this happens, what's your back-up plan?)

TIP 3: Be consistent. If, like in TIP 2, your guest doesn't arrive, keep going. Your audience will be waiting for your next installment. An idea is to always have a back-up person you can Skype-in or get into the studio quickly. Whatever your plan is, make sure you get a podcast out. You'll be happy you did.

TIP 4: Have back-up presenters. The great thing about COMMA is that we have three co-hosts (Dave Dunlay, Mark Godenho and Kineta Knight Booker) who are all former broadcasters and journalists, so if one isn't there, the other two can run the show easily. Backstage is hosted only by Kineta but she runs her podcast through flu season, in thick snow and when everyone else has gone home for Christmas. It never stops. Where there's Skype, there's an interview. However, not everyone is like this and other plans always come along: so, again, have a back-up plan.

TIP 5: Tell people about your podcast. Some people may enjoy keeping the podcast and the podcast content to themselves, but most people want to shout what they're doing from the mountain tops. Be that person! Send people the link over email, post it out through Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and Instagram. Blog about it.


FACT: did you know that “podcast” is a word created from the words iPod and broadcast?

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