Online video and content marketing


Recently we spoke with Geoff Brash and talked about the extensive use of content marketing to promote their business and software SLI Systems. Geoff is currently Vice President of Business Intelligence and Co-Founder of SLI Systems. SLI provides full-service site search, navigation, merchandising, and user-generated SEO and have just recently listed on the New Zealand Stock market and after ten years in business have grown into a very successful company with key clients in the United States, Europe and around the world. Tandem have worked with SLI for several years and helps produce podcasts (the e-commerce podcast) video testimonials, video blogs along with other video production help. In my mind SLI are the most successful company I know that use content to promote and market themselves to the world through various social media channels. In addition to video production and podcasts, SLI give away white papers, e-books, create webinars, offer free site search tips and a lot more. When it comes to content marketing these guys are up with the best and they're really nice people to work with. Here's our online video interview with Geoff talking about using new media to market and promote your business or product to the world and some of the issues around the on going creation of content marketing.